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Entrepreneurial & Fitness Instructor Coaching

Business coaching/consulting for fitness professionals is a specialized service that aims to help individuals in the fitness industry improve their business operations and achieve their professional goals. This type of coaching/consulting focuses on providing guidance, support, and expertise to fitness professionals, such as personal trainers, gym owners, and fitness instructors, in areas such as marketing, sales, client retention, and overall business strategy.

The role of a business coach/consultant is to assess the specific needs and challenges of fitness professionals and develop customized strategies and action plans to address them. They work closely with their clients to identify areas for improvement, set realistic goals, and implement effective strategies to enhance their business performance and profitability.

Some of the key areas that business coaching/consulting for fitness professionals may cover include:

1. Marketing and branding: Developing effective marketing strategies to attract and retain clients, creating a strong brand identity, and utilizing digital marketing tools and platforms.

2. Sales and client acquisition: Implementing proven sales techniques, improving conversion rates, and developing strategies to attract new clients and increase revenue.

3. Operations and systems: Streamlining business operations, implementing efficient systems and processes, and optimizing resource allocation to improve productivity and profitability.

4. Financial management: Developing financial plans, budgeting, pricing strategies, and analyzing key financial metrics to ensure sustainable growth and profitability.

5. Client retention and customer service: Enhancing client experience, developing customer loyalty programs, and implementing effective retention strategies to maximize client satisfaction and long-term business success.

6. Leadership and team development: Building effective leadership skills, fostering a positive and motivated team culture, and developing strategies for staff training and development.

Overall, business coaching/consulting for fitness professionals provides valuable guidance and support to help individuals in the fitness industry overcome challenges, achieve their business goals, and ultimately thrive in a competitive market.

First Time Session: $100 (60mins)

Book your first business and professional coaching session with Michelle to receive an individualized program to determine specific goals or issues. 

  • One-on-one call with Michelle 

  • Define individual coaching needs

  • Determine your goals

  • Develop a program to take action

Check-In Sessions: $150 (60mins)

These sessions are the best way to follow up on previous coaching sessions, and to continue taking your work to the next stages.

  • One hour call with Michelle

  • Follow up on past work

  • Focus on specific goals

  • Email recording of call

12 Session Commitment: $1,200 (60mins/each)

Commit to 12 sessions in order to propel the transformation you need in your business. Also, receive a complimentary first time discovery session.

  • Complimentary Principal Call

  • 12 Weekly one-hour calls

  • Email recording of call

  • Unlimited email access

  • Free access to the monthly livestream class for 3 months

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